THE HOBBS POLICE DEPARTMENT is dedicated to serving the community by providing quality and professional law enforcement services. In order for the department to continue to provide the highest quality service, the performance of its employees must be monitored.

When you have been helped by a member of the Hobbs Police Department, we encourage you to commend or compliment the performance of that person. If you have had an unprofessional or otherwise unpleasant experience, you may register a complaint with the department.

The Hobbs Police Department is proud to serve you. Your input is valuable to us and we will continue to promote cooperation in the City of Hobbs. If it becomes necessary for you to register a complaint, you can be assured that it will be given a fair and thorough investigation.

Guidelines for Commending an Employee

When you want to say "Thank You" for a job well done, you can:

  • visit the department
  • call the Administration phone number during regular business hours (listed at bottom of page)
  • mail your comments to the Hobbs Police Department (address listed at the bottom of the page)
  • email Chief Mccall at

When saying thanks, try to remember the name of the employee and the circumstances of how you were helped. The incident will be investigated and the employee will be recognized for his/her actions.

Letters recognizing professional actions are posted for all department employees to view. The department and its employees appreciate the effort and consideration of concerned citizens who take the time to commend employee performance.

Complaint Procedure

It is the policy of the Hobbs Police Department to investigate all complaints against department employees and allegations of misconduct within the department. Proper adherence to the provisions of this policy will clear the innocent and facilitate prompt and equitable corrective action.

Investigations of complaints are completed within 30 days of receipt of the complaint by the investigator, whenever possible. If extenuating circumstances exist which cause the length of the investigation to go beyond that time limit, those circumstances are noted in the final report.

The department requests that you register complaints in person if possible. If you are not able to come to the department, you may write, call the on-duty supervisor or the office of Professional Standards, or fill out and submit the form at the bottom of this page. The supervisor will record your concerns and forward them to the employee's direct supervisor. All complaints are forwarded to the Office of Professional Standards for a formal investigation.

When registering a complaint against an employee, it is important that you remember the name of the employee, the date and approximate time of the incident, and the specific circumstance of the incident.

Information and evidence is reviewed to determine if the employee's actions violated a law or department policy or procedure. An investigative report will be completed and a determination as to the action to be taken. Any disciplinary action taken against a member of the department will be maintained in his/her personnel records.

The investigator will notify the complainant of the disposition of the investigation. The disposition of the complaints are classified as follows:

  • UNFOUNDED - The allegation is false or not factual or the employee was not involved.
  • EXONERATED - The incident that occurred was lawful and did not violate policy.
  • SUSTAINED - The allegation is supported by sufficient proof.
  • NOT SUSTAINED - The evidence is not sufficient to prove or disprove the allegation.
  • POLICY & PROCEDURE - The investigation revealed that the complaint dealt solely w/ objection to a policy or procedure.
  • SUSTAINED AS TO MISCONDUCT NOT BASED ON THE COMPLAINT - Misconduct not alleged in the complaint is substantiated.
Things to remember
In compliance with New Mexico State Statutes the accused employee will be advised of the nature of the investigation and the name of all known complainants.
How to reach us

Mail to:
Hobbs Police Department
300 North Turner, Hobbs, NM 88240

24 Hours
Shift Supervisor 575-393-COPS (2677) or 505-397-9265

Email a complaint to the Police Chief at

Complaint forms are also available at the Hobbs Police Department lobby, City Hall, and the Hobbs Public Library

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